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Take Charge Of Your Day With PT360

Like most of us devoted class participants and teachers, our classes are now being offered online.  We want to help you keep your body, mind, & spirit healthy and strong.  Our students feel the online classes are keeping them sane during these crazy times of social distancing.  Here at PT360, we have got you covered with our wide variety of exercise classes being offered through Zoom so you can take them from the safety of your own home!  We have made it easy to participate in our classes using Punchpass, which allows you to sign-up, pay, and try different classes with all of our instructors.

Our instructors have top notch knowledge and expertise in strengthening, conditioning, flexibility, return to sports training, Pilates, and yoga.  When you try one of our live classes, you will not feel the distance from a pre-recorded class.  This is happening live in your house and you can even ask the instructor questions during the session.  A nice feature of using Zoom is you can see who else is attending and it might be some of your friends from the in-person classes.  We might feel alone with being forced to work and stay home more than usual, however there's no better time to try one of our classes at PT360.  First class is free - just email the instructor for the discount code!


Now I want to brag about our class offerings here at PT360.


Total Body Rehab, taught by Jen Farrugia, MS, ATC, CSCS is a mat-based class that focuses on posture from head to toe. The exercise series is designed to maintain mobility, flexibility and core stability so you can keep enjoying your favorite activities.


Fit Over 40: Summer Sports Prep is a 12 week progressive strength training series with small groups. You’ll increase energy and stamina to prepare you for your favorite summer activities. There classes are taught by Jen Farrigua, MS, ATC, CSCS and Sam Messenger, ATC.


Mat Pilates, taught by Kristi Johnson, MSPT, CLT, is a mat based beginner Pilates class with focus on core strengthening in multilevel positions. There are no props - just body weight resistance with the exercises!


Yoga Foundations is taught by myself, Lisa Tidman PTA, CLT, Yoga Instructor, Health Coach.  Poses are practiced to align, strengthen, and promote flexibility in the body.  You can expect an emphasis on simplicity, repetition an ease of movement.



Maybe one of the unintended consequences of the pivot to Zoom is a melding of our private and public contexts into something that feels a little more holistic than either one on its own.

We can continue to build our sense of community by coming together as best we can right now.  Check out our classes and instructors - you might be surprised at how fun it is to join in online, at least until we can be truly together again.  To check out our classes, you can head to our Classes page for the descriptions or straight to Punchpass to see the calendar and sign up!  Feel free to email any of the instructors if you have questions about their classes.  Come and check us out - we can't wait to work with you!