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Vestibular Rehabilitation

Available Locations: Burlington, Shelburne

Many people experience sensations of dizziness, lightheadedness, spinning, nausea, and off-balance that can greatly affect function and even lead to falls. The cause of these symptoms can be varied and, many times, are treatable with physical therapy.


There are 3 primary systems that maintain our sense of homeostasis and balance: Visual (sight), Proprioceptive (touch), and Vestibular (motion sensing and spatial orientation). The Vestibular system is located in our inner ear, and is comprised of fluid filled canals. During head movements, the fluid moves and stimulates hair cells, which send signals to the brain. Dizziness can occur when our left and right vestibular signals are different (for example, when an inner ear crystal gets dislodged) or when there is conflicting input from the Vestibular, Visual, or Proprioceptive systems (such as that feeling when you stand next to a slowly moving bus and suddenly feel like you’re moving as well). 


Dizziness and balance issues can also occur when there is dysfunction in one or more of these systems, or can be impacted by other factors, such as medications or neurological disorders. Physical therapy can address many of the conditions that cause dizziness and poor balance and the therapists at PT360 employ a comprehensive program to examine, evaluate, and treat the underlying dysfunction.


Frequently treated diagnoses related to vestibular, balance & dizziness: