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Blocked Milk Duct Therapy

According to the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine, many women will experience issues that may impact breastfeeding success.  Blocked milk ducts is one of the most common issues and is characterized by:


At PT360, we have expanded our practices to include physical therapy for blocked milk ducts of breastfeeding mothers.  Treatment may include ice, gentle massage, and modalities such as ultrasound to decrease pain, decrease & resolve blockage of the ducts, and help to restore the patient's ability to express milk from the affected breast. 


Our treatment program runs for 2-3 consecutive days for the greatest benefit.  It is a self-pay program and patients must pay at the time of service.

First visit: Initial evaluation/screening, ultrasound, & massage (60 min) - $120

Follow-up visits: ultrasound & massage (30-45 min) - $75


* Acute mastitis is contraindicated if not treated with antibiotics for at least 24hrs before starting therapy treatment