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Aquatic Therapy

Available Locations: Shelburne, Williston

Exercise and movement in water offers a unique approach to rehabilitation. There are unseen forces in this environment that support your body and facilitate movement when it is difficult on land. It facilitates improved flexibility, strength, and stamina and is unparalleled in addressing balance issues. Aquatic therapy is the best holistic approach to improving your function by addressing the whole body at one time and can be easily continued once you have established independence for long term fitness results.

Your therapist will establish an exercise routine as part of your program.  Depending on your physical needs, the program may be the primary resource for your rehab or a stepping stone to a land-based program.  The role of aquatic therapy in your rehabilitation will be discussed at your first visit.  When it comes time to transition to independence, you will receive a personalized written program.


About Our Pool

Our pool is 4' deep with a shallower runway section along one side and is kept as closely to 93° F as we can.  The pool holds salt water with the same salinity as the fluid in your eyes.  The salt water is gentler on your skin and swimwear, and does not leave you with the same smell found following exposure to chlorinated pool water.  Salt water adds to your buoyancy to make movement easier.  Buoyancy is the upward force in the water that counteracts gravity, reducing the weight-bearing forces on the joints in your back and legs.  It allows movement to require less effort and stretching of tissues is much easier.  Combined with hydrostatic pressure in the water, another force unique to aquatics, learning to move in a more balanced manner is easier to accomplish.  The water is thicker and provides more resistance to motion than air.  This increased resistance is constant, allowing easier movement and coordination the slower you go.  It allows you to decide how much your body can coordinate to move the desired way, working to increase strength and safety in the process.  Any fear of falling is minimized as it is hard to fall over and you have more time to correct your imbalance.  Establishing new habits that make movement more effective is easier to do as a result.


What to Expect

You may experience fatigue, sleepiness, or soft-tissue aching or soreness following your first few sessions.  This is due to changes your body experiences in the pool with the relative relaxation and increased use of muscles.  Drink lots of water to remain well hydrated and get the rest your body demands.  Please talk with your therapist if you have any questions or concerns.


What to Bring

Please bring a swimsuit, towel, shoes to wear between the pool & locker rooms, and personal care items for showering after your session.  Don't forget extra clothes if you decide to wear your suit to the office.  A lock to secure your personal items is a good idea.