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College Health

Available Locations: Burlington

College students are in a unique phase of life. They have time restrictions, health challenges, and space limitations that are important to understand in order to meet their rehabilitation needs.  Therapists at our PT360 Burlington office specializes in designing home exercise programs for small dorm spaces and developing rehabilitation plans to address the challenges that face the college student population.

Located next to the University of Vermont campus on Colchester Ave, PT360 Burlington is a short walk for UVM and Champlain College students.  Our Burlington office is also along the Green Mountain Transit (GMT) Blue Line bus route (formerly Essex Junction #2 bus line), making it easily accessible to St. Michael’s College students as well – just hop on the bus by campus and hop off at the UVM Medical Center stop, as we are right across the street!


How do I get started with Physical Therapy?

First thing you should do is call our office to check if your insurance needs a referral.  Most private insurances do not but they might if you have an out-of-state insurance plan, which is common with college students.  Federal insurance, such as Medicaid, always requires a referral. If you do need a referral, contact your primary care physician to explain what is going on and see if they will give you one.  If you do not have a primary care physician in the area, you can go to:

The providers there will likely do a quick exam prior to giving you a referral for Physical Therapy.  Please ask for your referral to state "PT/AT services" if you are planning to see one of our Athletic Trainers so that they can treat you.  Make sure you call or stop in at our Burlington Office once you get one so that you can start your journey to wellness!


What if I can’t make it or forget about my appointment?

PT360 has a reminder call system that sends out reminders via phone call, text message, or email two days prior to your appointment to give you time to cancel it if you can’t make it.  If you have to cancel at the last minute, it may be possible to reschedule for another day in the week.  Make sure you put a reminder in your phone or on your calendar so that you do not miss your appointment and get charged a no-show fee.