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"PT360 has been my partner in treating a chronic heel problem that has prevented me from engaging in my normal daily walks. Laura Clark, PT, FCE works tirelessly with me to improve my comfort, strength and endurance, taking into account the pain syndrome I live with daily.  I am a retired Occupational Therapist, so she gives me the scientific and medical background information I need to understand what is happening in my body and what treatment modalities are expected to accomplish.  I understand the need for trust and good rapport between a therapist and patient to gain confidence in, and compliance with, a treatment plan.  This insures the best environment to meet short and long term goals.  Laura is willing and able to answer any questions and evaluate any suggestions I may have.  In my opinion, that is the definition of a therapeutic partnership and I thank Laura every day for her expertise, guidance and support.  (Not to mention her wonderful sense of humor!)  The PT360 staff are all helpful, friendly and respectful, making my experience there a true "360 degree" pleasure."

 - Ann


"Last fall, I was referred to PT360 by my doctor from Pain Management.  I wasn't getting any relief from the injections I was getting, so she wanted me to try PT and work with Edie Bernhardt, PT on central pain syndrome and degenerative disc disease.  It didn't take long to realize because of the pain I was in, I couldn't exercise outside of the pool.  I had never done aquatic exercises before, so it was pretty intimidating.  The first time in the water, I found out my feet wouldn't stay on the pool floor.  Edie had to literally stand on my feet so I could stay in place.  Over this past year, I've learned to stand at the bars in the pool and do various types of exercise.  I've learned how to roll over which I couldn't do in bed.  I've acquired endurance while exercising.  I've learned how to get myself up if I fell on the floor.  Most of all, I've learned a lot about how my body functions.  I've gone from a 7+/10 pain level to a 4/10 most of the time.  I no longer have to use the lift - I can get in and out of the pool with the stairs.  I am now set up with an aquatic exercise program which I am doing independently.  PT360 is a wonderful group of physical therapists and staff who are there to help you reach your goals and teach you how to maintain it. 

My therapist, Edie Bernhardt, PT is a great teacher.  Before she attempts to do an exercise, she explains everything thoroughly of how it affects your body and why it's important to be able to do this exercise and try to maintain it.  She is not only a professional but she is also a wonderful friend.  She puts you at ease so that you are not resisting but are able to get the full effect of what she is doing to your body.  She never pushes you through an exercise you can't do.  Thank you Edie for believing in me and helping me to reach my goals.  You have helped my through a very difficult year and I can't "Thank you" enough for being there for me.  I will be forever grateful!"

 - Barb Gebo