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Burlington - (802) 657-7990
Shelburne - (802) 985-9360


“I highly recommend PT360 for your physical therapy needs. I worked with Kramer at the Shelburne location along with intern Hunter. The location is clean and has an enjoyable atmosphere from the moment you walk in to when you leave. Plenty of equipment enables full and varied sessions.  Parking is accessible and plentiful. I was referred because of chronic quad and hamstring tightness, hip spasms and hip and quad pain. My request was to strengthen my legs before ski season. Kramer slowly increased the intensity and before I knew it I was stronger and quicker with added flexibility. Skiing is enjoyable again. Ski Patrol duties are much easier.  PT 360 exceeded my expectations and I accomplished all of my goals.”

- Linc






"Thanks to Laura, I am almost pain free, and able to ride again - and to get off the horse after 1.5 hrs  with only a little stiffness - and I walk right out of that in 30 seconds or so.  Thanks very much for being excellent and supremely knowledgeable in your profession."

- Barb







“After many recommendations I sought out PT360 to aid in my recovery of a double hamstring injury. As an ultra trail marathon runner I had taught myself to push through mental and physical pain to achieve my goals and ignore the red flags my body was waving. I was paired with Jim as my therapist. At my first appointment Jim spent a lot of time looking at my body mechanics as a whole unit rather than micro focusing on my hamstrings. Jim helped to reconstruct my support structure to aid in proper recovery. I also felt he was sympathetic to the hardship of how my injury was effecting me as a whole. Jim added Debbie into my recovery program and she helped with alternative therapies such as cupping. I have never felt more support and compassion for a team of physical therapists. Jim sent me off with knowledge and to listen to the ques my body tells me. I now know how to read these signs and have the knowledge to fix them. Ultimately it is up to the individual to put the work into their healing however it is much easier with the team of PT360 behind you."

- Leah


"Nina Dinan has been my PT for years.  Recently she has helped me recover from hip replacement surgery.  She is, quite simply, amazing.  She always welcomes me to my appointment with warmth and caring, listens carefully to the status of my situation, and answers my myriad of questions with patience and expertise.  She always knows just what to do to help me progress to the next phase of recovery.  She encourages me to move to the level that is appropriate for me, and keeps me in check when I start to overdo it. Nina connects with me as an athlete, a patient, and a member of the health community.  She always knows what is just the right thing for me to do to be active and healthy.  When I had my hip replacement surgery Nina checked in with me to see how I was doing, and welcomed me with enthusiasm and knowledge about my situation when I started my rehab.  She goes the extra mile for her patients, whether it is creating programming for workouts, checking in when things are hard, or celebrating gains. Nina is an incredible professional, the perfect balance of knowledge and caring. I highly recommend Nina for your physical therapy needs--she will help you to meet your goals!"

- Joy P


"I have been seeing and working with Crystal since the end of June.  I have compression in my neck from C 5,6,7.  Lots of migraines and pain in my neck, shoulders, arms and back.  I had to stop working out.  It hurt just to hold up my head.  Since seeing her I no longer have migraines, my neck has become stronger, because of  the exercises we have been doing. She is also a certified practitioner in dry needling which has also helped in my neck and spine.  She has a wealth of knowledge in all areas including the do's and don'ts of wieght lifting, and all other sports. Crystal is an expert in all areas of the body.  She goes above and beyond, I really can't say enough about her.  I highly recommend her to anyone suffering in pain and needing expertise help."


"I worked with Nina for several months pre and post total knee replacement. Her combination of skill, intuition, compassion and humor are unmatched. At every step, Nina helped me understand not only what we were doing, but why it was important. Working with her prior to my surgery helped me prepare physically, mentally and emotionally. After surgery her skill helped me successfully regain range of motion and strength. Her compassion and encouragement lifted me in the moments when I felt worried, discouraged or overwhelmed. She masterfully navigated the line between providing comfort and pushing me to reach my goals. I expected that after my surgery I would be stronger and more flexible, but Nina also helped me develop a confidence in my body that I have never experienced before"

- Marybeth M


"In July, my daughter started at PT360 after having surgery on both lower legs and could not walk at all!  After working with the team of physical therapists, she reached a point where she transitioned over to Heather, the Athletic Trainer.  Heather understood the physiological and strength needs of my daughter and challenged her both on land and in the pool with a variety of strength and conditioning exercises.  It is now December and my daughter has "graduated" from PT and is the strongest she has ever been, is injury free, and is ready to jump back into the CVU Nordic Ski team. It has been a pleasure working with ALL members of the team at PT360 and I would recommend them highly."

- Carolyn S