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"I could not be more thrilled to have been referred to PT360 and to have the opportunity to be treated by Nina Dinan and Lisa Tidman! For years I have been suffering from pain and stiffness in multiple parts of my body. To me, they all seemed to be connected and no matter what I had tried, the problems persisted. I started working with Nina and Lisa (my tag team) a few months ago. Honestly, my expectations were low since all of the other things I had tried and other PT providers had not been able to help or help much. In working with these wonderful ladies I have always felt heard and they have been willing to try various things and to help me to work on things outside of our appointment. I have made such tremendous progress in this time, issues I have faced for many years are falling into the rearview mirror.  I lived with such pain for so long and now not have pain rule my day and my life is amazing. Thank you ladies for your care, fun conversations, and your creativity!”

- Marie Johnson


"Through a torn meniscus, a shoulder rotator cuff issue, and a herniated lumbar disc, Beca Meryman has guided me through healing exercises with wisdom and humor. As an experienced PT patient, I believe this has been by far the best and certainly the most fun. She has left me with a long-term program that works to maintain.”

- Margaret Holden


"In July, my daughter started at PT360 after having surgery on both lower legs and could not walk at all!  After working with the team of physical therapists, she reached a point where she transitioned over to Heather, the Athletic Trainer.  Heather understood the physiological and strength needs of my daughter and challenged her both on land and in the pool with a variety of strength and conditioning exercises.  It is now December and my daughter has "graduated" from PT and is the strongest she has ever been, is injury free, and is ready to jump back into the CVU Nordic Ski team. It has been a pleasure working with ALL members of the team at PT360 and I would recommend them highly."

- Carolyn S


"I have been going to PT360 for 9 years now.  The staff there is friendly, caring and upbeat. They also all have a great sense of humor which makes me feel at home.  I have received excellent care for my lymphedema.  Deb is specially trained in lympedema drainage and is very good about getting me appointments at the times I am available. She has also taught me exercises and helped me obtain a Lymphedema Tactile pump so that I can maintain my care at home.  I highly recommend PT360 to everyone."

- Penny A.


"In the 7 months that I have been doing strength training with Jen Farrugia, I've gained so much more than physical strength!  I've gained confidence and determination.  I'm so much more agile and flexible. I turned 62 in March and my goal for when beginning Fit Over 40 was to get strong as I age.  It's extremely important to me to be self-sufficient, healthy, and strong as I go into this next phase of my life.  And yet I never realized all the other bonuses of strength training.  Your balance improves, you can become more flexible, you can easily climb stairs two-at-a-time without gasping for air!  Most remarkable is my blood pressure continues to come down to a healthy level, as my doctor pointed out at my last physical."

- Karen


“I worked with Beca Meryman at PT360 in Shelburne in the early fall of 2020. I have moderate to severe arthritis in one hip and she performed a thorough evaluation and then tailored a PT program to meet my needs and goals.  After working with her for 6 weeks, I was pain free and able to resume my normal activities.  She gave me an at-home maintenance program to follow which has kept me pain free for a year now.  I loved working with Beca.  She was motivating when I needed it, and understanding of what I wanted to achieve.  The most important thing she told me was that this was MY recovery, and the work that I put in would help me to heal.  She's right - and I am continuously thankful for her knowledge, patience, and guidance in helping to achieve my goals.”

- Donna Atwater