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Athletic Training

Available Locations: Burlington, Shelburne, Williston, South Burlington

Certified Athletic Trainers are highly skilled and knowledgeable clinicians in the area of sports medicine.  They have expertise in areas such as injury prevention, first aid, initial diagnosis, and rehabilitation of athletes to return to play.  Athletic Trainers are vital parts of the sports medicine team and provide communication between athletes, parents, coaches, and physicians.  Athletic Trainers work on the athletic field and in the clinic setting, providing crucial rehab for all types of sports injuries.


What makes an Athletic Trainer different from a Physical Therapist?

Athletic Trainers and Physical Therapists are similar in a lot of ways, as both work in the field of rehabilitation and see people with orthopedic or sports-related injuries.  ATs and PTs differ in the type of patient that they treat.  PTs see patients of all ages, from pediatric to geriatric, and for a variety of conditions, from orthopedic to neurologic to cardiovascular.  ATs are specialized in sports-related and orthopedic injuries only.  Another difference is that Physical Therapists see patients after injury or when they are experiencing pain, working solely in rehabilitation.  Athletic Trainers work with athletes on preventative exercise, injury screening, on-field emergency & acute care, and rehabilitation.


Can I see an Athletic Trainer with my insurance?

There are some insurances that don't accept athletic trainers.  All insurances that do accept Athletic Trainers require a referral before you can be seen.  Call any of our offices to see if your plan allows you to see an Athletic Trainer.


Our Athletic Trainers work on the field in these outreach contracts:

University of Vermont Club Sports

Located in the heart of Burlington, the University of Vermont boasts hundreds of student-athletes.  PT360 is proud to work with UVM Club Athletics, aiding their athletes in everything from injury prevention to on-field care to rehabilitation.  Our Athletic Trainers, led by Brendan Copley, ATC, MBA, attend games for multiple sports, including rugby, football, soccer, volleyball, basketball, lacrosse, ultimate frisbee, and ice hockey.  They also provide in-clinic free injury screens to all club sports athletes.


St. Michael's College Club Rugby

St. Michael’s College Men’s and Women’s Club Rugby teams are also covered by PT360 Athletic Trainers.  Kurt Johnson, ATC can be found on the sidelines for all of their matches for on-field emergency care, as well in the St. Michael’s Athletic training room to offer injury evaluations and provide treatment. 


Vergennes Union High School

PT360 Athletic Trainers provide services to Vergennes Union High School throughout the school year.  Our Athletic Trainers, led by Kurt Johnson, ATC, hold office hours at the school each afternoon to attend practices, evaluate Vergennes athletes, and provide treatment for rehab.  They are on the sidelines at each home game to provide on-field emergency care, taping & wrapping, and treat acute sports injuries.  Most importantly, school-based Athletic Trainers recognize, diagnose, and treat all concussions & head injuries, helping to keep the athletes safe and healthy until they are ready to return to play. 


If interested in establishing an Athletic Training outreach contract with PT360, please contact Heather Chernyshov, MS, ATC, NCTMB