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The snow and ice have arrived putting us all at increased risk of falling. To avoid fall-related injury, follow these three pieces of advice:

Wear proper footwear: Preferably a shoe or boot with a rubber sole to prevent slipping.
Be aware of your surroundings: Be sure your walkway has been salted and sanded to avoid a slippery surface.
Use an assistive device as needed, such as a cane or a walker.
Perform daily exercises to improve your balance and leg strength.
Stand at your counter where you can hold on (perform 10 repetitions on each side)

If you feel comfortable, try these more advanced exercises without holding on (be sure to know your limits, you may want to have a friend nearby to assist you if needed)

Balance with one foot right in front of the other.
Balance with your feed right next to each other.
Balance on one foot.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with one of our physical therapists about improving your balance, call us at 860-4360 (Williston), 985-9360 (Shelburne), or 657-7990 (Burlington).