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Pilates for Core Strengthening

Pilates may sound like a trendy term of exercise.  What exactly is it?  Well, the name Pilates comes from Joseph Pilates, a German man born in the late 1880’s.  He was a fitness enthusiast, well known today for his training with boxers and specifically in the performing arts with dancers.  His developed exercises, initially termed “Contrology,” because they relate to control of the human body, were also utilized during WWI with injured veterans – SOUNDS LIKE MODERN DAY REHAB!  He believed that modern day lifestyles, poor posture, and bad breathing habits led to poor health.  Sounds like a pretty good physical therapy evaluation!


Pilates exercises are based on child development positions, such as lying on your back, your side, tummy time, hands & knees, and finally standing.  These exercises are focused on recruiting deep musculature, often your small stabilizing muscles, that support the center of gravity in order for the skeleton to have a stable base to move from. This leads to the trendy term “Core Stability.”  



Kristi Johnson, MSPT, CLT is a certified Pilates instructor and physical therapist.  Utilizing a Pilates-type exercise regime, as well as other physical core stability exercises, Kristi’s Mat Pilates class takes the student through multiple exercises in each position to stimulate brain to muscle recruitment, improve posture & breath control, as well as improve function.  Kristi modifies exercises appropriately to teach a beginner as well as challenge the intermediate student.  All you will need is a mat, your body weight, bare feet, and comfortable clothing. Give it a try - you might just feel 2” taller after class!


Pilates classes are Wednesdays and Fridays at 9:00am, hosted remotely via Zoom.  Join us for one or both!