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SNOWFIT - More Than A Class

SNOWFIT was originally developed as an aquatic exercise class for Cancer Survivors.  Since its inception, we have opened the 93-degree salt water to caregivers, family, and friends of survivors. The class consists of dynamic warmups, core stabilization, full body strengthening, and a whole lot of fun and camaraderie. Pool “toys” are utilized to assist with increasing the resistance of the water to encourage joint stabilization and muscle strengthening in the aquatic medium. Participants enjoy 50-55 minutes of circuit like station training, cardiovascular exercises followed by a static stretching cool down.


SNOWFIT was designed to help cancer survivors physically recover from the effects of their treatment, but it became more than that - it became a support community of survivors,  caregivers, family, and friends who have helped each other through their experiences with cancer. 


"The pool class with Julie on Friday mornings nurtures all aspects of well being-mind, body and spirit. The warm, salt water pool is a balm to muscles and joints and the movement with the resistance of the water is therapeutic in every way. Laughter and good conversation abound! There is nothing I could say that would adequately describe the benefits this has had on my body and soul, the friendships, laughter and support in the face of each of our challenges.  I could not recommend this more heartily!"   - Liz P


"When I was nearing my scheduled hip replacement surgery, I was in a quandary.  I needed to be in good physical shape before the surgery in order to handle it well. Yet my pain was so intense that I could hardly walk, I couldn’t even stand up straight, and there was no way I could exercise. (Yes, I let it go way too long.)  My therapist at PT 360 put me in the pool.  It was AMAZING!  The buoyancy of the salt water took the pressure off my joint so I could exercise. And the 93º water, well, that was just, soooo nice……  My surgery went well and my recovery was speedy – thanks to PT360.

That was over 6 years ago and I’m still coming to the pool.  I take the SNOWFIT Class, which started as a cancer survivors’ class, and I have made friends with the most wonderful people. I just love it!"


SNOWFIT is taught by Julie Allen, PTA, NCTMB, CSTS, NASM-CPT, CLT in our Shelburne facility.  Class is Friday at 9 am with openings available for additional participants. Please contact our Shelburne office at 802-985-9360 for more details or to sign up today!