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PT360 is pleased to announce the expansion of our South Burlington clinic to better fit your physical therapy and wellness needs!


What is your FOCUS?

We all have different things that fulfill us and different goals for our health & well-being.  Whether your goal is to be able to play more golf, hike your favorite mountain, get into the garden, or dance with your grandchildren, we are here to help you achieve that!  We recognize that everyone is an individual and our variety of physical therapy services, specialized rehabilitation program, and fitness classes allows us to create a unique plan of care for your journey to health and wellness.


What makes us different

PT360 FOCUS is different from other physical therapy clinics because rehabilitation from an injury or surgery is only one part of our mission.  We also focus on your long-term health plan by ensuring that you transition back into and keep up with the activities that you love through our Bridge Care program and a variety of fitness classes that are open to patients and the public.


Specialized Rehab Programs at PT360 FOCUS

Tee Up Program for Golfers

Tee Up! with PT360 is our golf rehab program that combines PT360’s highest standards for physical therapy and the industry-leading Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) approach to the body-swing connection™ to help improve your golf posture, strength, and mobility within your swing.  Not only can our program correct swing faults to improve your golf game, but our program can help reduce stress on your body to extend the life of your game!

Steady Strides Running Analysis & Rehabilitation

Steady Strides Running Analysis & Rehabilitation is a running-specific rehabilitation program aimed at helping the injured athlete return to running in their sport, as well as helping the recreational runner to improve their stride and running performance.


Come visit us!

We are located at the intersection of Swift Street and Farrell Street in South Burlington. We invite you to schedule an appointment today to find your Focus!