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Bridge Care Program

The PT360 Bridge Care Program is designed for people who have already completed outpatient Physical Therapy treatment to continue a progressive exercise program. This program is for anybody looking for high-quality one-on-one personal training or small group training - you do not have to have been a PT360 patient to participate!


What is the difference between PT360 Bridge Care and Conventional Personal Training?

PT360 Bridge clients enjoy what we feel is the best of both worlds: personal training from a licensed physical therapist or athletic trainer and personal trainer rolled into one. All the clinicians involved in PT360’s Bridge Care Program possess a level of training and education you won’t find in a traditional fitness facility.


Who Can Benefit from PT360 Bridge Care Program?

Once a patient has completed formal rehabilitation treatment, they may be tempted to return to normal activities or sports too quickly.  Without the guidance of their PT, this could lead to those old injuries creeping back up.

The PT360 Bridge Care program “bridges the gap” between corrective exercise and high-level gym and sport activity in a safe, goal-oriented environment, allowing patients to comfortably progress back to their activity of choice when the time is right.


How Does PT360 Bridge Care & Personal Training Work?

Through the PT360 Bridge Care Program, highly skilled and experienced Doctors of Physical Therapy, Certified Athletic Trainers, and/or strength coaches provide a Personal Training experience tailored to meet your individual lifestyle needs and goals.

The Bridge training experience begins with a comprehensive fitness evaluation consisting of a thorough medical history, discussion of fitness goals, and strategies on how to achieve these goals.

In each subsequent session, your trainer will provide expert knowledge of physical anatomy and physiology as it relates to weight loss, strength, and general conditioning, with a focus on:



As our Bridge Care program is not formal physical therapy, sessions are an out-of-pocket cost and do not go through your health insurance

If you're looking for other affordable options to "bridge the gap" between formal physical therapy and returning to the activities you love, check out our Small Group training classes over on our Classes page.  These are progressive fitness classes of no greater than 8 participants for more individualized care!


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