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Steady Strides: Running Analysis & Rehabilitation

Steady Strides is a running-specific rehabilitation program aimed at helping the injured athlete return to running in their sport, as well as helping the recreational runner to improve their stride and running performance.


What does Steady Strides include?

Our process starts with a detailed biomechanical screening and gait analysis to identify dysfunctional movement patterns and areas for improvement in order to develop a run rehabilitation or training program that fits your specific goals!  Depending on what is deemed necessary from your evaluation, follow-up visits may include:


Who is Steady Strides for?

Steady Strides is for anyone looking to improve their ability to run for sports or recreationally, whether you have sustained an injury, undergone surgery, or are just looking to enhance your running performance.


How do I get started?

First step is to call our office to make an appointment!  If an injury, surgery, or pain has taken you away from running, you can use your health insurance to begin our program.  Depending on your insurance, you may need a referral from your doctor - our staff will let you know if this is the case when you call to schedule.  If you are pain-free and looking to improve your running performance, Steady Strides will be a self-pay program.