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Work Hardening & Rehabilitation

As part of his work hardening and rehab program, a patient carries two heavy buckets.
As part of her work hardening and rehab program a patient stretches with recovery equipment.

 PT360 is now offering a Work Rehab/Work Conditioning Program in our Williston location.

We will work directly with the physician and case managers to offer an individual conditioning program for the injured worker. Our mission is to help the injured worker get back to their profession quickly by directing them toward their work capacity goal and ability to do their job tasks safely.

Our Program starts with a thorough initial evaluation of motion, flexibility, and strength,  including analysis of specific tasks for their job. Each individual program will involve three phases: specific injury rehab, total body strength and conditioning, and job-specific training. The latter portion will simulate work tasks, with instruction in safe body mechanics.

The Goal of Each Visit is to progress safely with incremental increases for exercise and work tolerance in order to return to work. We will have detailed reports at each visit, ending with a discharge evaluation which will measure gains made.

The Length of Our Program varies with each patient. The average timeframe is 4-6 weeks, 3-5 days per week, 2-4 hours per day. Additional time can be added if needed.

Our Work Rehab Team consists of physical therapists, physical therapy assistants, and certified athletic trainers. Our team is trained and certified in functional capacity evaluations, functional movement screens, injury evaluations, orthopedics, and work rehabilitation. In addition, we provide:

Currently offered at our Williston Clinic only