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Growing Up In A Military Family

July is PT 360 Military Appreciation Month!  I’m excited to show my gratitude to the military and thankful to share all the fond memories I have raised in an Army family.


My Dad served in the Corps of Engineers for the department of Army as an officer for 25 years. We moved every 1-3 years throughout my childhood and were fortunate to live at the United States Military Academy at  West Point throughout my high school years.  My Dad taught engineering as a member of the faculty from ‘76-80 and then was responsible for overseeing campus construction for the commissary, ice hockey rink, and other developmental projects on campus from ‘86-’89.  


The military lifestyle led us to be resilient in our family lives as we moved from one post to the next.  I played multiple individual sports growing because of the constant moving and whenever I was injured, I was fortunate to go to the post Physical Therapist for the enlisted personnel, officers, and dependents.  Their vast knowledge of orthopedics is what motivated me to pursue a career in sports medicine/athletic training.  


Hats off to all who have served! Thank you for your dedication to our country and community leadership that binds all of us “Better Together”.