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Vermont once again was ranked in the top 10 healthiest states in the United States in 2016. Many Vermonters therefore enjoy being active and taking charge of their health, which includes seeking out physical therapy if an ache or pain pops up.

Why PT360 for Physical Therapy in Vermont?

With multiple physical therapy clinics in Chittenden County and beyond, it can be difficult to know which clinic provides outstanding care, and the differences between them.

Here at PT360, we want to share with you what we believe sets us apart:

  1. One on One Patient Care. During your scheduled visit with us, your therapist will only have one focus: you. PT360 never schedules more than one patient per therapist per hour. This allows you to make more progress, and the most of each scheduled session.
  2. We are locally owned. If you call to schedule an appointment or ask a question about your bill, you won’t reach someone out of state, or out of touch. Likely, you’ll reach someone right down the road! All of our owners and employees are local. In addition, we are locally-minded. Many of our employees and owners are involved with local clubs and charities.
  3. We are invested. PT360 is a cooperative, which means that every employee has the opportunity to become an owner of the company at some point in his/her career. We believe that this translates to therapists and administrators who are fully invested in our company, and therefore our patients. In essence, we truly reap what we sow.
  4. We offer multiple areas of care. We truly try to practice 360 degrees of care – not to be cliché – but because we can. We have multiple certified athletic trainers who practice preventative care, emergency care, and rehabilitative care. This year we have treated competitive athletes at a nearby high school, to local gymnasts, to semi-professional football players. We have a massage therapist, as well as a lifestyle coach. We have a therapist who specializes in Lyme disease. Every one of these areas is important to us and we aim to cover them all.