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Small Group Trainings at PT360

PT60’s classes, or as we like to call them, Small Group Trainings (SGT), are offered exclusively at our South Burlington location. Small group training sessions consist of 8 participants or less, offering you more 1-1 attention for your personal needs and goals.  These trainings were born out of the love of movement.  It is our belief that you should sustain your quality of life as long as possible and that strength training can aid in allowing you to get the most out of each day. 


Strength training is simply vital at any age to maintain bone mineral density, improve physical functional, and allow you to perform basic movement patterns, such as squatting to the toilet or to pick up your child.  Even if you are an athlete and partake in cycling or running, strength training can aid in minimizing risk for injury so you can enjoy your hobbies with less interruptions along the way.


Strength training can reduce the risk of:

  • lean tissue loss
  • osteoporosis (decreased bone mineral density)
  • obesity
  • diabetes
  • heart disease
  • low back pain
  • arthritis
  • injury
  • dis-ease (we often gets aches and pains from modern life: TV, desk jobs, sitting prolonged periods, and lack of movement can create DIS-ease within our bodies)

While increasing:

  • physical function
  • independence
  • strength & lean muscle mass
  • confidence
  • ability to complete daily tasks or activities with more ease   


Current offerings:


Base Fitness Foundations: This is a foundational class series to teach basic body weight functional movements, such as squat, lunge, plank, push, pull, hinge, and core stability basics. Base Fitness Foundations is ideal for those who are new to strength training, returning to strength training following a significant orthopedic injury, or looking for more guidance on basic movement patterns.


Base Fitness: Base Fitness focuses on increasing overall strength and building lean muscle with longer work periods and rest in between stations.  More time in each station for us to coach and you to learn.


Strength & Conditioning: Strength & Conditioning is a more advanced option for anyone who is overcoming an injury or has a set goal in mind and is looking for a more tailored and specific approach to training while working along-side like-minded individuals.  This class has an equal balance of low and high intensity exercises for dynamic strength & conditioning or HIIT components of training. 


All classes are taught by Certified Strength & Conditioning coaches and Certified Athletic Trainers with extensive training in injury prevention and strength training techniques.  Call our South Burlington clinic at 488-9190 to try out one of our classes for free!