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Exercising On Vacation

A woman does a stretching exercise in a PT360 studio
Stretching at PT360 studio

Happy Summer 2018! The summer season has begun, which means long days of sun (we hope), warm weather (we hope, again), and for many of us....VACATION!  We look forward to this all year long, as a getaway brings exploring new or favorite places, trying seasonal foods, and a change of routine. One routine that often falls flat while we are away is our exercise routine. But being away from home or a gym doesn't mean we need a whole week away from exercise!

There are many ways to integrate a different exercise routine into our vacation and embrace the change! Try a new bike route, a new walking trail or hike, or even a home or outdoor workout which does not require any equipment. Exercise will release endorphins, which are hormones in the body that reduce our pain hormones and stress and increase a positive psychological and physiological effect. This will allow our vacation days to be even MORE enjoyable. What can get better with that?

Here are some ideas for workouts that you can do at your vacation home, hotel, or even on the beach!Lunge position

1. 10 minute workout, as quick as you can!

  • 5 pushups, modified as needed
  • 10 squats
  • 15 sit-ups
  • 20 seconds of fast feet in place

2. 9 minute workout Shoulder circles

  • 30 seconds high knees, in place
  • 30 seconds butt kicks, in place
  • 30 seconds burpees
  • Rest & REPEAT!

Mountain Climbers3. 15 minute workout, as quick as you can!

  • 20 reverse lunges
  • 20 second plank hold
  • 20 seconds of mountain climbers
  • 20 shoulder circles

These workouts will increase your heart rate quickly without requiring much space. Now get out there, enjoy your vacations and get moving!