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A photo showing a persons feet, ankles and calves from behind
Feet ankles and calves

If you are having consistent pain in your ankles or feet,  this may be because your foot is hitting the ground in an improper position. The most common is over-pronation where your foot and ankle excessively rolls in.  Most times, your arch collapses towards or on the ground, putting tremendous strain on your ankle tendons, joint surfaces and lower leg muscles.  It can also affect your alignment all the way up your body. Some of the more common injuries are shin splints, ankle tendonitis, Achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis.

At PT 360 we would start with a thorough evaluation of your foot & ankle biomechanics, measuring how far off from neutral your arch & heel is, and if needed, a video analysis for visual education of your impairments. We would help you determine if you need foot support in the form of an orthotic. This is a special insert that you put into your shoe that helps align your foot & ankle.  The orthotic allows your foot to strike the ground in the best alignment possible when walking and running. If you have the proper orthotic,  it can lessen or eliminate these stresses, prevent injury, and allow you to keep walking and running pain-free.
A photo of two feet, one with a support insole.

We can measure and cast you for a custom made orthotic,  or fit you to an over-the-counter orthotic.   Most feet can be well supported with an over the counter orthotic, but if you need more support,  customs are made to your foot & with specific measurements for each foot.