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Continuing The Fight Against Ticks - Lyme Disease Rehabilitation

Summer is here in Vermont and with it comes gardening, hiking, more time outside, and TICKS. Ticks in Vermont often carry Lyme disease and other bacteria, which can cause debilitating illness. Common symptoms include: bullseye rash (erythema migrans), fever, headache, neck stiffness, excessive fatigue, joint pain/swelling, and facial drooping on one side (Bell’s Palsy). If you think you've been infected, contact your PCP immediately or reach out to an International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS) certified, Lyme-literate physician in the area.


Once treatment begins, PT360 can help facilitate your recovery. Our program is run by Lyme-literate PTs who have done extensive continuing education on tick-borne illness. We focus on manual lymphatic drainage, aquatic exercise, and progressive return to activity.


Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD): While undergoing treatment, both herbal and antibiotic, there is cell die-off, which can create lymphatic congestion in the body. Manual drainage can promote lymphatic flow and reduce the Herxheimer reaction associated with treatment. MLD is provided on the Biomat to increase blood flow and biogenesis for further healing.


Aquatic exercise: Once the lymphatic system is functioning well enough and energy is starting to return, exercise in the pool is introduced. This setting allows decreased gravity for more gentle reintroduction to movement, as well as benefiting from the hydrostatic pressure that continues to promote lymphatic flow.


Return to activity: The final stage of the Lyme program is the return to activity. This will look different for everyone, but generally includes more specific strength and endurance training. Whether the goal is getting back to carrying for yourself and your home, or returning to running marathons, we target our therapy to work toward your goals.


Check out our Lyme Disease Rehabilitation program for more information!