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A woman does a yoga pose while lying on the floor
A woman doing yoga

Is this enough time to practice? Will my body benefit from a short yoga practice?

A woman posing in a PT360 yoga class

In my opinion, dedicating even just a few minutes for your personal self can improve your attitude, energy and mobility for the day. Creating time to bring attention to taking care of your body, mind and spirit through yoga can fulfill you in many ways. Breathing, meditation or yoga stretching even a short amount of time can be effective in reducing stress and putting a smile on your face.

As far as what is “enough” is really dependent on your personal goals. If you are trying to loosen up areas that are always tight when you rise in the morning, or do you wish to be able to do a headstand for 5 minutes. If you have bigger yoga goals, then attending a class during the week may be necessary to accomplish your goals.

10 minutes to prep your body to diffuse some of the side effects from a sitting job. Yes, a short practice can be a great way to address your tight areas. Prolonged sitting can make your hip flexors, and pectoralis muscles tight. Weak areas tend to be upper back and gluts, yoga can target these problem areas.


A photo of a student in a PT360 yoga classSo, take the challenge: for one week set aside 10 min. maybe it’s in the morning, lunch or after work. Roll out your mat and if you have previous yoga experience, do some poses that you like, breathe, relax into it. If you need a guided practice, one easy way is to turn on a” You tube” yoga video. There are many short videos, many levels and styles. I recommend to focus on large muscle groups first, don’t bounce, breathe and no forced stretching.

Here are a few poses for the morning…….bring your coffee with you too. Child pose, down dog, plank, cobra, lunges (knee down or lifted) pigeon. This really doesn’t take too long, then change into your work clothes and see and feel the difference. Let me know how it goes.