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Semi-Private Strength Training Series - Foundations

Location: South Burlington
Dates/Times: Tuesdays & Thursdays, 12:30-1:30pm
Next Session: Jan 18th - Feb 24th, 2022
Contact: Jen Farrugia, MS, ATC, CSCS - (802) 448-9190

This Strength Training Series is a 6 week series comprised of 2 classes per week (12 classes total) that will focus on the fundamental movements of strength training, such as squats, hinges, lunges, pushing, & pulling motions.  This is a bodyweight class that will incorporate use of TRX, plyo boxes, medicine balls, & bands to build basic movement patterns. This is an educational class that will be broken down into 15 minutes of core stability work, followed by a 15 min tutorial for “movement of the day” and a 20 minute body weight circuit.

Semi-private indicates 4 participants in total for more instruction and individualized attention.

You will receive weekly email with key points from class, stretches, and "core homework".  This series is ideal for adults who have little to no experience with weight training, those who are post-partum & looking to ease back into fitness (must be 6 weeks post-partum & cleared by physician to exercise), or those looking to gain more knowledge on body mechanics. If the times listed do not work and you have your own group that you would like to work out with, please reach out to set up your own time frame – all levels welcome for requested times!


When : Jan 18 - Feb 24th, 2022


Time Options:

  • Tuesdays & Thursdays, 12:30-1:30pm


Cost: Cost is $25 per class - please make sure to purchase the correct punch card for Adult Semi-Private Training Sessions, as we offer a different punch card for our larger group classes. 


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