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Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation or TENS utilizes gentle electrical currents produced by a device to stimulate local sensory fibers near a painful region, thereby reducing pain.  This is a non-invasive therapeutic intervention that serves as an alternative for managing acute and chronic pain.

Conditions that may benefit from TENS Therapy:

  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Low back pain
  • Sciatica
  • Arthritis
  • Tendonitis
  • Knee pain
  • Nerve pain, migraines, and headaches

 Ask one of our knowledgeable staff therapists if a TENS Unit may be beneficial for you.

**A TENS device is a safe option. However, if you have a pacemaker, are pregnant, or have cancer, you should avoid this type of therapy**


The Biomat

PT360 practices the art and science of healing through the use of innovative approaches and techniques. One of these approaches, not widely used in Vermont physical therapy clinics, is the Amethyst BIOMAT™: a NASA technology that employs far infrared rays (the heating rays of the sun) and negative ions as it applies heat to the body; both are found abundantly in nature. The heat penetrates up to 6 inches into the body, allowing the opportunity to treat deeply held fascial restrictions from old surgical scars, injuries or soft tissue protection of degenerative joint disease that stores tissue memory of pain and immobility. When used in conjunction with other physical therapy approaches, patients notice a difference in how they feel as we work together to restore functional mobility and strength. The Biomat is available for overnight or weekend rental from any of our offices.


Dynadiscs are inflatable cushions that are used with many different types of exercises to help with core   stabilization, balance, and general conditioning.  Adding a dynadisc to even basic exercises, such as squats, makes your muscles work harder to stay balanced and maintain good form.  Dynadiscs can be utilized with:

  • Squats or lunges for lower body strengthening.
  • Standing ankle circles for ankle stabilization & strengthening.
  • Core exercises such as planks or seated twists. 
  • Even with push-ups for upper body strengthening.

Ask any one of our knowledgeable staff therapists about how a Dynadisc can take your workout to the next level!


Foam Rollers

Foam Rollers are dense pieces of cylindrical foam that are used to massage sore, achy, or tight muscles in the body as a substitute for hands-on massage.  You use them by placing the Foam Roller underneath the muscle and use your body weight to press the muscle into the roller.  This pressure shuts off the sensors in your muscles that signal those muscles to maintain a steady contraction as a protective mechanism to keep them from being injured when in use.  Turning off these sensors allows you to decrease muscle tightness and improve overall flexibility.  The result is a convenient massage and treatment on the go!

Gym In A Bag

This kit includes everything you need to exercise at home. One Body Sport stability ball, one Stretch Out strap, and three pieces of Theraband are included in the PT360 Tote Bag for $50.00 plus tax. The stability ball strengthens, stretches, and tones all major muscle groups while enhancing coordination, balance and overall flexibility. The Stretch Out strap lets you perform stretching exercises for greater flexibility. Multiple loops permit deep, gradual stretching of major muscle groups with greater safety, control, and effectiveness. Therabands are used for resistance training and the rehabilitation of upper body, lower body, and core. They are ideal for conditioning and strengthening muscles and each Theraband is color coded for resistance, so as you grow stronger, you move up to the next color.

Solutions Bands

Solutions bands are 5ft long sleeved resistance bands with comfortable handles that can be used in many ways to strengthen your body
and challenge your balance system.

  • Wrap the band around a post and use it as a resistive tool to strengthen your shoulders.
  • Hook the moveable loop in a doorway and use the band to strengthen your core or challenge your balance.
  • Remove the padded handles and loop the end around your ankle to work on hip strengthening.
  • Stand on the band and hold the handles to do resisted squats.

The possibilities are endless—ask your therapist how you can use the Solutions Bands to strengthen your body and get back on track!


Many of us are on our feet throughout the day. Working long days without proper foot support can at times lead to foot pain. Superfeet are over the counter orthotics that can be used to treat a number of foot related issues. These orthotics can be placed in your shoes to help provide improved support in order to reduce pressures, adjust poor positioning, and decrease foot pain. There is a large variety to treat different foot types with sizes to fit all of our patients. Various styles can also fit different footwear.

Staff therapists at PT 360 can find the right fit to improve your foot comfort and reduce any pain you may be experiencing. If you have been holding off on that project or that long run, a pair of Superfeet may be just what you need!

4" White Ball

It may take you by surprise how valuable having a little white ball (4” inflated ball) in your tool box for pain management can be. They are small enough to carry with you and can help create amazing changes in areas that contribute to your pain or result from having pain nearby.

Placed between your body and a firm surface, such as a wall or a floor, it can help to isolate and soften areas that have tightened up as a result of repetitive movement patterns, prolonged positioning or injury. For those maintaining a long term position in front of a computer screen, it can make your night’s sleep that much better!


Exercise Equipment & Soft-Tissue Release Accessories

PT360 carries a variety of exercise equipment, accessories, & apparel at our 3 clinic locations in addition to the ones featured above.

Gear available includes:

  • Theraband – Strips and Loops
  • Stability Balls (burst resistant)
  • Ankle Weights
  • Shoulder Pulleys
  • Prostretch
  • Stretching Strap
  • AIS Stretching Rope
  • Soft Tissue Release Balls (8 inch, 4 inch, or 2 inch)
  • Cervical Gel Cold Pack 24”
  • Medium Size Rectangular Gel Cold Pack 11”x14”
  • Oversize Rectangular Gel Cold Pack 11”x24”
  • Craniocradle
  • Stillpoint Inducer
  • Occipivot
  • Sacrowedgy
  • 3B DeJarnette Style Wedge
  • PhysioTape
  • Neck Roll
  • Lumbar Roll
  • Adjust-a-heel Lift